a store concept that's right on the button

a store concept that's right on the button

Each concept store was given its own illustrations.


Veritas is one of Belgium's oldest retail success stories. The first shop was opened in 1892. Already in the early decades, Veritas developed a new concept by mixing a selection of sewing notions and related products with finished accessories, with the first "concept store" avant la lettre offering this range launched in…..1930.
The Veritas approach is still based on the same blend of 2 worlds: the sewing notions themselves and the accessories. However, on the shop floor, the combination had become difficult to integrate, so Veritas was looking for a new store concept that would more effectively link the two categories. The answer was a unique workshop concept that emphasises the strengths of Veritas and will help the company to withstand growing competition. Tom Andries had already created the new Veritas logo in 2004, at the time still working for LDV United.


Today was asked to translate the new concept to cover all the internal shop communication and branding, in accordance with the Veritas brand guidelines.

To start with, we were able to visually emphasise the new workshop concept by using illustrations on the walls and furniture. Working chiefly in black and white instantly gave the new style a young, trendy feel and evoked the sense of ideas that the customer could further finish through personal creativity. Moreover, each concept store was given its own illustrations which not only incorporate the unique characteristics of each shop space, but also tie in with the home city of each shop.
The functional illustrations were also used on the signage throughout the shop. The final result was a unique concept that brings together creativity, fashion and craftsmanship and which also helped earn Veritas the title of ‘Retailer of the Year’ in 2008 and 2011.