a strong identity for a strong idea

a strong identity for a strong idea

the 6 dots that appear on a PIN code screen led to a simple basic concept for the visual identity


Sixdots is a new app for mobile payment (via smartphone) developed by Belgacom and BNP Paribas Fortis.
With services ranging from payment to ticketing, loyalty, mobile ID and couponing, Sixdots offers diverse options and applications across a wide spectrum of market segments.

Both partners were looking for a brand identity that would embody the values of this new company. The keywords they had in mind included: open, easy, secure, young, dynamic and personal.

An extra requirement was also that the new identity should not refer to the partners or their activities, and at the same time, none of the 5 applications could be featured disproportionately to the others.


Given the complexity of both the company and the product, as well as its pioneering nature (Sixdots is the first national provider of payment solutions of this type), in devising the brand architecture, we decided to develop a monobrand for both the company's corporate identity and the app-identity.
The crucial element in payment applications is security, and in the Sixdots-app, it's partly based on a personal 6-digit PIN code. The link to the 6 dots that appear on a PIN code screen led to a simple basic concept for the visual identity. The basic logo is made up of 6 large dots (the PIN code) on a grid of 9 points (a keypad). The result was a flexible and dynamic visual system usable on any support, and a strong, recognisable concept, even when used without the wordmark.
In line with the values and keywords, we opted for a black-and-white colour scheme, which reflects the very simple way that a PIN code is entered. A single accent colour can add an extra touch, where needed.
This pared down approach instantly differentiates it from other apps, which often feature multicoloured flat designs. What's more, the design is also easy to apply to other building blocks for the brand identity: aura, iconography, typography, etc.