Province of Antwerp: strong and committed

Province of Antwerp: strong and committed

the perfect symbol for the positive, driving force that the Province of Antwerp has become


The Province of Antwerp is responsible for a wide range of initiatives in urban planning, culture and tourism, youth services, etc., but the general public is often unaware of its role. How many people realise, for example, that the influential Modemuseum in Antwerp is run by the province?
The fact that a province is able work across the borders of cities and towns is the greatest strength of this level of government, and also enables other actors - municipalities, companies, people and associations - to collaborate in all their diversity. To encourage this dynamic, the province not only supplies expert advice but also strives to bring a sustainable and proactive approach to its inspiring and supportive role.
The provincial authorities were looking for a new visual brand identity that would more clearly emphasise their role and aspirations.


A powerful, elementary triangle shape is the perfect symbol for the positive, driving force that the Province of Antwerp has become.
Geometrically dividing the triangle reflects the great diversity of activities and stakeholders and also expresses the positive, linking role of the province. The result is a highly versatile symbol that can easily be used in a wide range of applications without affecting its recognisability.
We applied the same systematic approach to our choice of colours so that, based on a few simple guidelines, the range can be very broad but always unmistakably refers to the province.

Although we opted for a single monolithic brand, certain deviations have been allowed for high-profile public brands such as the Fotomuseum.
These major public brands retain a style of their own, but by using the logo and one geometric facet, they create a clear link to the Province of Antwerp which functions here as 'source brand.'

As the new brand will be used by the over 1000 employees of the Province of Antwerp, it was extremely important to give them access to all the tools and information about it.
For this purpose, we developed a comprehensive digital brand platform: a single central point where employees can find the graphic and strategic story behind the brand and can also download all the elements to use it. Simple tasks such as personalising and creating business cards can be done directly within the platform through the integrated template editor.