an identity that makes a point of class and service

an identity that makes a point of class and service

A canvas brand, a brand that offers a platform for other brands.


Modemakers is a Belgian fashion chain that operates seven stores. The major strength of Modemakers is their selection of high profile A-list brands, combined with outstanding customer service. These dual aspects have helped build the company's success and they also explain the brand name: customers are treated individually and, based on the range of A-list brands, they receive personalised fashion advice to create their own style. In other words, the fashion is “made” on the spot.

For Modemakers, their brand identity was a big concern, and specifically, how the brand would be able to build and maintain an identity of its own at the same time as continuing to accent the range of A-list brands on offer.


Today decided to present Modemakers as a canvas brand, a brand that offers a platform on which other brands, the A-list collections from Modemakers, are given the spotlight.

The Modemakers logo became a simple wordmark with a distinctive, highly limited colour palette. Where Modemakers truly differentiates itself is as a copy platform. Instead of form and colour, clever language is used on virtually all supports to convey and underscore the message.

In addition to the wordmark, Today developed a label that can be discreetly applied, as needed. The label refers at once to a double stitched seam and to the double “M” in Modemakers.
Of course, the concept was extended across the entire visual style in the shops and the range, including labels, facade concepts, signage, etc. The website and other communication channels were also outfitted in the same way.