Medialaan colours your life

Medialaan colours your life

a brand which would also represent a unique collection of strong media brands


Since 1999, VMMa had been the parent company for a collection of upbeat radio and TV stations with wide appeal, such as VTM, 2BE, Q-music, etc., providing all the necessary support services as well.
VMMa decided to reprofile itself as a hub and a platform for all of the company's cross-media brands, acting as a central meeting place for collaboration and dialogue. The company was therefore looking for a new branding that would better express its activities and ambitions.

The new umbrella brand needed to be warm, dynamic and energetic, as well as recognisable, without overshadowing the familiar and popular brands within the group. 


VMMa as a focal point for ideas and collaboration: this was the starting point for creating the new brand, a brand which would also represent a unique collection of strong media brands, concentrated in a single central location: the 'Medialaan' (Media Street).
Working from this basic idea, we added a logo and style which, through the form and colours used, would be a direct visual expression of Medialaan's central position at the core of the umbrella brand for the various popular sub-brands.
The basic principle for the new house style is a colour system dominated by white, supported by a rich palette of pure colours.
A system of colour bars progressively shifting through a full spectrum adds just the right accent on all possible supports. Combined with a couple of lines of text, these accents can be used extremely flexibly, without diminishing the consistency of the brand image. The quiet, businesslike typography contrasts with the dynamic use of colour, and acts as an anchor.
For corporate applications, a specific, pared down sub-system was developed with a more minimalist, discreet and stylised look.
The separate business units, such as the internal agencies, were each given an individual style that remains instantly recognisable. These incorporate elements such as a descriptor with the logo and use just a single colour in a number of tint variations.

The total effect instantly identifies Medialaan as a leading media brand.