living Leuven logo

living Leuven logo

An extra challenge was the need to incorporate the image of the Leuven City Hall.


Leuven is one of the central cities in Flanders that has been revitalised in recent years and is investing energetically in its future. In a fairly short time, Leuven has grown from a sleepy university town to reclaim its status as a lively urban centre of knowledge. Leuven in the 21st century is the modern capital of the province of Flemish-Brabant, with smart office buildings and innovative research centres.

The city of Leuven was therefore looking for a logo to embody this new impulse. An extra challenge in the process was the need for the new logo, like the former one, to incorporate the image of the Leuven City Hall.


Like no other, Leuven embodies the constant ebb and flow, rise and fall, of a centuries-old city.
Which is why we opted for an evolutionary logo. One that would not represent a radical change in style.
The logo itself is a stylised depiction of the City Hall, composed of a series of small graphic elements. They equally capture the dynamic energy of the university city, as well as the many facets of modern urban life. The clever use of colour and space, however, also immediately conveys that Leuven offers room for flexibility and movement. The "digital version" of the City Hall is instantly identifiable, but can still be flexibly applied to all possible types of supports. In combination with the rectangular background, the logo subtly suggests a seal or a label of quality.