Who hasn't heard of Ons?

Who hasn't heard of Ons?

Ons perfectly embodies the core values and core ideas of the KVLV Group


The KVLV Group was an umbrella organisation encompassing care providers and co-operative societies. Of all the subsidiary organisations, the KVLV, or the former "Boerinnenbond" (ladies auxiliary of the Farmers' Union), was by far the largest and best-known. So well-known, in fact, that it had become difficult for the KVLV Group to profile itself and communicate its existence and its core activities to a wide audience.
It was time for a new identity, so they asked Today to develop it.


The KVLV Group is in close contact with the public, and through its associations, works on a very local level. The warm, familial and human character of our group brand was translated, after a thorough strategic process, into the new name: "Ons" (Dutch for "Ours" or "Us").

Ons perfectly embodies the core values and core ideas of the KVLV Group at the same time as referring directly to the popular series of books they have published including: Ons Kookboek (Our cookbook), Ons Breiboek (Our knitting book), Ons Bakboek (Our baking book), etc.

The new logo consists of the wordmark "Ons" against a background with a textile structure. It's an ideal solution because especially in the sub-brands, we see that the logo is often used as a meaningful label.

The use and the colour scheme have been intentionally kept very broad so that the logo can easily be combined with the house styles of other sub-brands or public brands.

The hyper-detailed macro photography in dominant colours lends an extra, abstract reference to the concept of being "close".