a great range deserves a great brand upgrade

a great range deserves a great brand upgrade

a conscious choice to keep the design upgrade subtle


JBC is a modern, Belgian family-owned business with over 125 outlets in Belgium and Luxembourg.
Started in 1975  as “Stock Américain” (army surplus), JBC quickly shifted its focus to clothing retail. For a number of years, the company has been working hard to develop its reputation as a professional and trend-sensitive supplier of contemporary fashion,  systematically upgrading the quality of the selection on offer. The result has been a wide range of exclusive, yet affordable, designer and children's collections. 

JBC was looking for a way to upgrade its brand identity as well, bringing it more into line with the company's market position, without losing the visual recognisability of the brand.


Together with JBC, we made a conscious choice to keep the design upgrade subtle, with just a few minimal adjustments to bring the brand identity up to a level to match the company's status.
This was done chiefly by restricting the colour scheme to black and white as main colours, with a warm yellow as a secondary colour. This leaves room to add attractive, playful or even promotional elements, as needed. The red from the previous logo was therefore no longer necessary and has been removed.
The 2 dots that complete the wordmark, which is 1 less than before, symbolise the existing JBC baseline “Close to you.”
The new brand identity was extended across the board: in signage, a new facade design, shopping bags, etc. This also created the need for a new photography system, where once again, we strongly favoured black-and-white.
The upgraded brand design turned out to be such a good match for the values of JBC that it's now used as a brand label, displayed on or in the clothing as well.
The end result is a contemporary brand identity which, just like JBC, stands for style, character, warmth and respect.