multidimensional style for a 3D-brand

multidimensional style for a 3D-brand

Every design is different and unique.


i.materialise is a fast growing, innovative company based in Leuven that is rapidly becoming a fully fledged success story in the world of customised 3D-printing. Customers create their own designs, and i.materialise can print it in a wide range of materials, colours, sizes and finishes.

It offers a simple and quick way for (3D) designers and hobbyists to convert their creative designs into 3D-reality.

i.materialise was looking for a creative visual identity that would flawlessly fit their activity.


At i.materialise, it's all about custom 3D-printing. Every design is different and unique. So why not extend this concept into their brand identity? We therefore developed a template for a handwritten logo that anyone can use. The user's logos were not only featured in a digital gallery, but were also effectively used on the website and in the visual identity of i.materialise, displayed on all possible types of supports.
In this way, we created an innovative logo, but were also able to perfectly embody the mission of i.materialise and the world of their users: developing and supporting a platform and community for individual creativity.