a financial brand with a difference

a financial brand with a difference


Finotheker is a new concept from the creators of Immotheker. In the spirit of their motto "iedereen rentenier" (investment returns for all) Finotheker makes reliable and independent financial planning available to the general public. The financial planning advice provided by Finotheker is always transparent, clear and easy to understand. Today was commissioned to develop a brand and a brand identity that would express these values and which could be used directly on all supports, including the interior design for the Finotheker offices.


Today took care of the design for the new logo and visual identity.

Bearing in mind the core values of Finotheker, we quickly arrived at a sober, handsome logo: the circle.
The circle stands for a coin, which instantly makes the link with the financial nature of the services. What's more, the circle is often a symbol of continuity, which is also the goal of Finotheker: the financial continuity of its clients.
The logo was executed in a warm orange colour which further distinguishes it from other financial services brands.
This simple, solid visual concept is a perfect match for the visual style of Immotheker, so that all of the services within the group are given a harmonised identity.