a new life for a vintage brand

a new life for a vintage brand

each of the 5 core values of Eskimo has been assigned its own typography


Ghent-based Eskimo has been a leading manufacturer of high quality sleepwear since 1906. Over the years, Eskimo has grown into a diversified company with multiple brands, accompanied by a complex brand architecture including: Original Eskimo, Dodoo, Nightlife and De Eskimofabriek. Eskimo is regarded as a quality brand with a wide market distribution. In order to better respond to the needs of these markets, after a strategic review, Eskimo decided that the original brand and the sub-brands needed an update. In addition, they wanted greater coherence between the various brands.


Today developed a new visual identity for Eskimo that refers to the brand's rich heritage. We also simplified the brand architecture.
 Thus, the familiar Eskimo logo was reinstated, with a few minor alterations.
The brands for De Eskimofabriek and Nightlife were each given an upgrade, using text or visuals to more clearly link them to the original brand.
Because of the wide product range, and the associated wide audience, it was important to keep the brand identity diverse and flexible enough. That's why we chose typography, instead of colours or visuals, to get the message across. Each of the 5 core values of Eskimo has been assigned its own typography and by carefully combining the 5 fonts, we are able to create the right image at the right time for each message.
As for the colour palette, to start with, we will stick to 2 basic colours. However, depending on the application, a secondary colour may be selected, for example, from the photography used. This will be particularly effective in the packaging design. What's more, the various logos can also be added as an emblem on communication, and if necessary even integrated with info such as the product name, etc.
The result is an attractive, powerful identity which maintains a highly uniform and strong identity across the various brands and channels used.