a timeless design for De Tijd/L'Echo

a timeless design for De Tijd/L'Echo

the design of the newspaper itself held the key to redefining the identity


De Tijd/L'Echo is a leading newspaper that has won many prizes for the quality of its news reporting as well as for its design.
However, finding a place for this consistent, award-winning design in all of the company's external communication was no easy task. The result was a lack of continuity and coherence.

De Tijd/L'Echo asked Today to completely overhaul their external communication.


Today explored De Tijd/L'Echo's graphic language, taking the newspaper's 5 core principles as reference points: Facts, Quality, Clarity, Confidence and Vision.
It quickly became apparent that the design of the newspaper itself held the key to redefining the identity.
We took the iconic, salmon pink colour of the newspaper's pages as the characteristic basic element for the external communication. The clear blocks of colour from the newspaper, which symbolise vision, stability and clarity were also preserved.
We added an extra shade of blue to this colour scheme, which can bring a fresh accent as needed. The versatile typography and a new photography system complete the new identity.
The result is a flexible system in which all the elements can be combined visually, according to the specific requirements of each type of communication.
Thus, all communication concerning De Tijd Week will use large, clever, direct headlines but the layout grid and the photography will be less prominently present. By contrast, De Tijd Weekend will make full use of the colour blocks and photography in a rigorous layout grid. These styles will also be used in the digital communication.