this week in Brussels: a new style!

this week in Brussels: a new style!

Typography was also used to boost recognisability


Brussel Deze Week ("Brussels this week") is the essential information weekly for Dutch-speakers in Brussels. It is distributed together with Agenda, the capital's trilingual cultural calendar magazine, and for additional local Brussels news, hot off the press, readers can also turn to

Brussel Deze Week was looking for a way to better coordinate these 3 publications, with each other, as well as with the lifestyle of culture consumers in Brussels.
Today was asked to give the logos a graphic upgrade.


We started by developing a new, all-encompassing graphic language through the highly recognisable use of the colours red and black. The visual language was then extended across all supports (posters, advertisements, distribution displays, fleet, etc.). We also reworked the logos for Brussel Deze Week, Agenda and so that they would fit the overall design without losing their individual character. Typography was also used to boost recognisability by restyling all three media in the same font. By coordinating the visual language, the typography and logos, all three brands now form a coherent whole, and readers can easily make the connection between the three media, creating a clear profile and distinctive positioning in the cultural sphere.