a refreshing new brand for Primus

a refreshing new brand for Primus

giving rich history a more modern edge


Jan Primus was the colourful and influential13th-century Duke of Brabant and Limburg. Not  only was he a lord and master, he was also a bon vivant, renowned among his peers as a skilled minstrel.
It was after this legendary man that Haacht Brewery named its most legendary beer: Primus.
Recently, they decided it was high time to update the existing brand. The new brand identity needed to not only confirm Primus as a strong local brand, but also to make it more dynamic at the same time as giving its rich history a more modern edge.


Today created an updated brand identity that's a perfect match for the current needs of Primus.
A different visual dynamic and a new colour scheme give it a more powerful, dynamic and masculine visual identity. The knight, the most dominant and prevalent symbol of Primus, was given a contemporary, stylised look.
The wordmark was given a new typeface that comes across as both rugged and elegant and which, thanks to the familiar red font colour, still maintains a strong link to the past.
In the meantime, the new visual identity has been applied across the board: from beer bottles and cases to coasters, bottle caps, glasses and all other possible supports.
Today's rebranding work for Primus was recognised by an international professional jury at the 2010 edition of the Rebrand 100 Global Awards.