taking history into the future

taking history into the future

A textbook example of a monobrand.


After investing many years in redefining and optimising its services, in 2010, De Post was ready to face its 2 biggest challenges: the liberalisation of the European postal sector and the urgent need to strengthen its position in the international B2B-market.

What they also needed was just the right finishing touch for this transformation: a new name and identity that would be a link to the company's rich historical roots at the same time as expressing a confident outlook for the future.


For the basic brand design, De Post turned to Interbrand.
Today developed the full brand identity, across all supports and market segments. A huge variety of potential supports, both locally and internationally, and in B2B as well as B2C, had to be outfitted with the new look and feel.
And of course, compiling the new brandbook, putting together a bpost image bank with original photographs, and optimising the office concept was all part of the job as well.
Due to the wide range of supports, the bpost case became a textbook example of the way that Today is able to roll out a strong monobrand throughout a company's divisions, applications, products and activities.

The new visual identity has since been applied to over 1000 buildings and more than 6000 vehicles (from trolleys and bicycles to trucks), not to mention uniforms, letterboxes, advertising, and every other type of support imaginable.