Our story

Bold is about our no-nonsense relationship with our clients. Bold is the courage to develop forward-thinking ideas that create distinctive design.

Bright is about clear and smart thinking. About rational thought and sound judgment from both our clients and ourselves. Creating a bright logic that has impact.

Today is a strategic design agency with a clear focus: we create and develop future-proof brand design and identities.

Our goal is always to create good design that leads to good business. We aim to achieve this by combining bold ideas with bright logic.

Through strategic design, we solve problems. Design can change brand perception (brand name, identity concept,…), can strongly influence user experience (retail design, digital design,…) and makes a brand tangible and consistent across all brand touch points.

Over the course of the years we’ve worked with a range of businesses – large and small and from various sectors. Whatever the design challenge, we want to help our clients overcome it.

Our services

Our specialization in the design and development of brand identities allows us to offer a range of specific services to our clients. From full redevelopment (rebranding or new branding) to specific brand or design challenges.

Brand strategy

Good design requires a clear strategy. We provide strategic insights that pave the way for a future-proof brand identity.

  • Brand vision, mission and values
  • Brand manifesto
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Brand architecture

Brand Naming

Your brand’s name is the cornerstone of its identity; Today has a dedicated team for handling the creative, practical and legal aspects of name creation.

Brand Design

The core of our work has always been design, whether it be creation, adaptation, or analysis of branding. We develop a central design concept and extend it to different design specialties.

  • Brand identity concept creation
  • Print design
  • Digital design
  • Packaging design
  • Retail and interior design

Brand implementation & management

We develop the strategies and tools to effectively implement and manage your brand identity.

  • Implementation strategy
  • Brand bible
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Brand management platform


Our team

Mathias Delmote

Managing Partner

+32 (0)497 53 51 66LinkedIn

After his studies in Marketing Management, Mathias began his career as an Account Manager at the advertising agency LDV United, a WPP company.

A few years later, he accepted the position as Client Service Director at Openhere (now known as Dallas, following a merger), where he was responsible for the commercial and strategic development of several clients, such as Rabobank.be, Microsoft, De Tijd and many others.

After 10 years working in advertising, Mathias felt the time had come for a change, so he joined Today as Tom’s rational counterpart. He currently runs the day-to-day business of Today and provides strategic guidance on client projects.

Tom Andries

Creative Partner

+32 (0)496 08 66 85LinkedIn

Tom has been around since 1969, and, needless to say, he has acquired a lengthy experience in design and branding. After his studies in Graphic Design, Advertising and Typography he started his career at Marketing Design Brussels and later joined the creative hotshop Vulcan. As creative director of Redstar Design Antwerp (design department of LDV United, a WPP company) Tom created, amongst others, the famous ‘A’ logo and identity of the city of Antwerp.

In 2007 Tom felt the time was right to establish his own agency: Today. Along with designing numerous brand identities, he has taken on a role as the creative fire-starter for both clients and the people working at Today.

Core team

Our focus on design and strategy is embodied by the people working at Today. The team is made up of creative people, skilled in a specific area of design or strategy. Almost all of our staff members are senior level with at least 10 years of experience in their field of expertise. Working with Today, you will instantly feel the benefit of the focus on design: we aim for direct and open contact between designers and clients, without a go-between.

Tom Andries

creative direction & brand design

Mathias Delmote

brand & design strategy

Matti Jokipii

brand & retail design

Jeroen Houtmeyers

brand & digital design

Arnaud Fontaine

brand & digital design

Geert Cleynen

production design

Our friends

As the Today team has a core focus on brand design and design strategy, we often call upon our friends, each of whom has a specific area of expertise. They are all people we collaborate with on a regular basis, and whom we have come to trust as part of our team.


Expert in (digital) brand strategy, storytelling and customer journey mapping.


Expert in facilitating processes of development and change for brands.


Language expert, defining a brand’s tone-of voice and vocabulary.


Interior architect, expert in implementing brand concepts in brand spaces.


3D expert, bringing packaging and retail concepts to reality.


European trademark and design attorney.